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We provide a list of comprehensive screening programs and manage a wide range of conditions with emphasis on modern up-to-date techniques which are minimally invasive.

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All patients with or without insurance are welcome. You may wish to speak to your employer, human resources, or your personal insurance agent to enquire more about your benefits and coverage. Financial Counseling services are also available upon request. ​​

Electronic Referral Service

Automated Electronic Referrals

  • Clinical Findings/Symptoms
    • If you did a blood test with us and the results were deemed clinically significant
    • If you had symptoms that warrant a referral to a Specialist
  • iDOC Partner GP Clinics
    • If you have been seen by our doctor at the primary care level and deemed requiring a referral
  • Health Screening 
    • If you are eligible for health screening and had requested a referral.
    • If you had a positive result during one of our health screening service
You do not need to reproduce a referral letter if an electronic letter has already been sent.

Request for a Teleconsult/e-Referral

  • Telemedicine
    • Consult our doctor on Telemedicine to determine if you require to see our specialist 
    • You may book an appointment by clicking the button below