Farrer Park Hospital

Inpatient Suite

Farrer Park Hospital has a mix of accommodation is available to cater to different preferences. Currently, FPH is licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore to operate 121 beds.


Wi-fi are available in all the suites, which are located at levels 7 to 10 of the hospital.


Inpatient Television (IPTV) offers access to entertainment, movies and the Internet.


Meals are specially designed by hospital dietitian and chefs from One Farrer Hotel.

International Patients

Many patients travel far and wide to come to Farrer Park Hospital to seek medical treatment every year. We completely understand the difficulty of traveling to a country where you may be unfamiliar with the language and culture. The current pandemic situation further complicates your travel arrangements as there are heightened measures and controls that you need to adhere to before you arrive in Singapore. Our team will provide support at every step of your treatment and recovery journey.


Specialist Clinic

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