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Surgical Services


Breast Surgery

Abdominal Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Surgical Oncology

Thyroid Surgery

Hernia Repair

Phimoses Treatment

Lump and Skin
Lesions Removal

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Diagnostics Services

Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging Services are available in house for example CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine Studies (PET) can be done within the same hospital premises.

Laboratory Diagnostics

With a short turn-around time for results, we are able to perform health screening, submit stool samples for cultures/FOBT, follow up on cancer markers and send samples such as biopsies for further evaluation.

Health Screening

We provide health screening by viewing your health entirely as complete picture rather than the numbers or your condition alone.

You may refer to our screening catalogue below.

Transport Available at No Charge

Including door-to-door service, pick-up and return.

E-Referral Service

Require a referral for a positive result? Speak to one of our doctors on telemedicine or make an appointment to visit our GP clinics at idoc.sg

Our team understands the importance of time management and will ensure that coordination of pick up, consult, procedure and return will be customised to fit your needs.