Young Onset Cancer

We reference: Spaander, M.C.W., Zauber, A.G., Syngal, S. et al. Young-onset colorectal cancer. Nat Rev Dis Primers 9, 21 (2023).

In the past decades the incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC) in people under the age of 50 years has increased, which is referred to as early-onset CRC or young-onset CRC (YO-CRC). YO-CRC is expected to account for 11% of colon cancers and 23% of rectal cancers by 2030. This trend is observed in different parts of the world and in both men and women. In 20% of patients with YO-CRC, a hereditary cancer syndrome is found as the underlying cause; however, in the majority of patients no genetic predisposition is present.

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